ATOM Short Term Funding

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ATOM Short Term Funding is uniquely designed to support the specialized processing needs of issuers and dealers of commercial paper, certificates of deposit, and other money market securities.


Security Types

  • Commercial Paper
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Guaranteed Investment Contracts (GICs)
  • Medium Term and Floating Rate Notes
  • Asset-backed Notes
  • Private Placements

Direct and Dealer Programs

Provides support for both direct and dealer placed programs

Rate Management

Manages offering rates for distribution, execution and historical application purposes

Real Time Position Management

Displays trade issuance and cash funding position information in real-time, organized in summary form according to the funding trader’s exact requirements

Life Cycle Trade Administration

Automates the complete money market trade life cycle from initial funding to final maturity

Electronic Trading

Supports direct connections to Bloomberg, Reuters, and other electronic trading platforms, allowing the communication of rate publication and the secure entry of commercial paper purchase requests directly by end investors

Bank Settlement and Cash Management

Manages a real-time interface between ATOM and the Issuing and Payment Agent bank in order to settle money market trades and exchange settlement information

Investor Management and Marketing

Tracks all aspects of investor related information. The Entity Manager tracks settlement, limit, marketing, buying preferences and contact information. In addition, the module analyzes historical trade data in order to calculate purchasing analytics for each investor

Extensive Reporting

Includes a robust reporting package with reports for Investor Marketing/Sales Management, Trade Settlement and Administration, Cash and Positioning, Accounting and Portfolio Analytics/Performance

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