ATOM Securitization


ATOM Securitization automates the securitization operations lifecycle including asset management, fee administration, funding, derivatives, settlements and invoicing, cash management, and accounting activities.

Broad Coverage of Asset Types

Handles a wide variety of asset types including revolving facilities, amortizing receivables/loan pools, and ABS. ATOM supports floating rate, multi-currency, amortizing, and structured transactions.

Comprehensive Fee Management

Powerful, user-definable fee administration module automatically calculates, settles, and accounts for a wide range of fees including line of credit, used/unused commitment, administration, and equity fees.

Entity Management

Robust entity definition functionality tracks all securitization related entities such as conduits, SPEs, lenders, sellers, guarantors, issuers, investors, broker/dealers, and banks.

Real-time Limit Control

Comprehensive and flexible real-time limit control capability supports borrower, seller, portfolio and asset-class based limits.


Supports all funding types including commercial paper, medium-term, and long-term funding.


Provides functionality to administer the interest rate/currency swaps, FX, and hedges associated with asset funding.



Full mark-to-market functionality for pricing loans, investments, debt, FX and derivatives.

Automatically schedules and calculates asset, funding, and derivatives settlements, including related invoicing.

Detailed Accounting

Provides sub-ledger accounting functionality which produces accounting entries and balances for all asset, funding, fee and derivatives activities.

Streamlined Automation

ATOM delivers comprehensive straight-through processing(STP), improved productivity and enhanced customer service by automating all aspects of transaction activity including automatic schedule calculation, rate administration, cash management, and accounting.

Advanced Front-End

Web based user interface—requiring only a browser to access the application—yet delivers the functionality and performance of GUI based technologies including export capability to Microsoft Excel.

Outstanding Performance

ATOM’s server technology is built on mission critical, scalable architecture, easily handling high-volume loan portfolios.