ATOM Foreign Exchange


Using forwards, options, swaps and other instruments, the ATOM Foreign Exchange enables you to track, report, and account for treasury foreign exchange transactions and to hedge foreign exchange risk. Treasury’s foreign exchange hedging policies and procedures are administered via ATOM’s hedge management module.



  • Supports spots, forwards, NDFs, options, rolls and funding swaps
  • Automated bid tracking
  • Swaps analytics
  • Visibility into individual exposures or groups of exposures
  • Analyze the impact of exposures and hedges in ATOM or Microsoft Excel
  • Support for IAS and FAS regulations
  • Supports synthetic funding programs
  • Compare and analyze hedges and exposures, including hedge effectiveness


  • Reduces volatility in earnings
  • Helps implement and enforce policies and procedures.
  • Enables hedge accounting treatment
  • Facilitates synthetic funding for lower borrowing cost
  • Offers complete visibility into potential impact of exposures
  • Integrates with ATOM Hedge Accounting

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