ATOM Syndications

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ATOM Syndications automates the activities associated with administering large commercial loan or lease portfolios syndicated to institutional investors. ATOM Syndications seamlessly links with existing servicing systems and provides integrated cash management, accounting and risk support for the entire syndicated deal life cycle.


Broad Coverage of Lease/Loan Types

ATOM Syndications supports a wide variety of loan and lease structures including:

  • Fixed payment amortizing deals
  • Interest only loans
  • Revolvers
  • Floating rate deals
  • Evergreens
  • Quasi-leases
  • Structured deals
  • Deals with custom cashflows
  • Multi-currency deals

Investor Servicing

ATOM Syndications provides comprehensive investor servicing functionality including:

  • Prompt/perfect pay and regular pay support
  • Automated investor settlement and cash-flow reporting (via HTML/XML/PDF/Excel)
  • Automated calculation, settlement, and account support for fixed and floating scrape
  • Support for servicing fees, late fees and prepayment penalties
  • Sales and property tax processing
  • Support for participation deals with multiple internal and external investors
  • Advanced, customizable deal early payoff calculation processing (options including NPV, customer proceeds, greater of NPV/customer proceeds and investor quoted amounts)
  • Automated clawback event creation and advanced clawback management tools

Real-time Due-To/Due-From

ATOM Syndications includes built-in functionality for “Due To/Due From” (DTDF) controllership including real-time DTDF balance analysis and support for user-defined plans for resolving balance discrepancies.

Advanced Accounting

ATOM Syndications provides complete automated life cycle accounting including servicing fee liability, retained interest, fair valuation and FIN 45 accounting support for true/synthetic financial/operating leases

Servicing System Integration

ATOM Syndications seamlessly integrates with multiple customer servicing systems via XML and delivers comprehensive straight-through processing(STP), improved productivity and enhanced investor servicing by tracking customer/investor due-to/due-from balances, customer delinquencies and providing flexible and robust front-end reporting tools

Advanced Technology

ATOM Syndications is web-based and requires only a browser to access the application, yet delivers the functionality and performance of GUI based technologies. ATOM’s server based technology provides outstanding performance on a mission-critical, scalable architecture, easily handling high-volume portfolios. ATOM supports powerful, user-defined integration with Microsoft Excel for enhanced data manipulation and analysis.