ATOM Investment Portfolio Management


ATOM Investments is a comprehensive solution that automates the investment activities associated with multiple portfolios of fixed, floating and structured investment securities.

Broad Investment Security Coverage

ATOM Investments handles a wide variety of instrument types and structures — from simple money market securities to more complicated structured securities, including:

  • Asset backed securities
  • CDs
  • Commercial Paper
  • Convertible securities
  • Corporate and government bonds
  • Floating rate notes based on SOFR, LIBOR, H-15, EONIA, Brazilian CDI and many other indices
  • Medium term notes
  • Money funds
  • Repos
  • Securities with embedded calls, puts, caps, floors and warrants
  • Securities with floating/amortizing/sinking principal schedules
  • Senior and subordinated bonds
  • Step-up notes
  • Stocks
  • Time deposits
  • Zero coupon bonds

Investment Policy Compliance

ATOM Investments includes a powerful, cross-currency limit management module to enforce and monitor company investment compliance policies. Compliance features include limits by concentration, asset-class, counterparty risk and duration.

Market Data & Pricing

Using automated market data feeds, ATOM Investments provides mark-to-market and mark-to-model pricing and sensitivities on all investment activity. Pricing information can be viewed by portfolio, asset class, security position, country, currency or counterparty.


ATOM Investments supports:

    • Automated cash settlements and accounting for the full trade lifecycle
    • Extensive reporting set for business intelligence, positioning, and real-time Excel integration
    • Rate reset calculation automation

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