ATOM Debt and Funding Management


ATOM Debt Management is a comprehensive solution that enables companies and banks to automate activities associated with the management of multiple programs of fixed, floating and structured debt issuances.

Broad Debt Instrument Coverage

ATOM Debt handles a wide variety of instrument types and structures, ranging from simple money market securities to more complicated structured securities, including:

  • Asset backed securities
  • CDs
  • Commercial paper/callable commercial paper
  • Convertible securities
  • Corporate bonds
  • Floating rate notes based on SOFR, LIBOR, H-15, EONIA, Brazilian CDI and many other indices
  • Master notes
  • Medium term notes
  • Repos
  • Retail notes
  • Securities with embedded calls, puts, caps, floors and warrants
  • Securities with floating/amortizing/sinking principal schedules
  • Senior and subordinated bonds
  • Step-up notes
  • Time deposits
  • Zero coupon bonds

Covenant Compliance

ATOM Debt includes a powerful, cross-currency limit and financial statistics management module to enforce debt limits and covenant compliance.

Market Data & Pricing

Using automated market data feeds, ATOM Debt provides mark-to-market and mark-to-model pricing and sensitivities on all debt activity. Pricing information can be viewed by portfolio, asset class, security position, country, currency or investor.

Direct Sales and Dealer-Placed Programs

ATOM Debt supports both direct sales (direct issuance) as well dealer-based programs. ATOM’s direct sales module provides full functionality to manage the debt sales and marketing process including investor CRM.

Interest & Pay-down Processing

ATOM Debt schedules, calculates and processes all principal and interest payments. It accommodates all payment frequencies, stub periods, non-business day exception rules and day count/accrual methodologies, as well as offers configurable multinational holiday calendars. All generated schedules can easily be edited and exported to Microsoft ExcelTM.

Dealer Import

ATOM Debt supports the automated import of dealer submitted trade issuance instructions via XML. Once received from the dealer, trades may be reviewed and/or approved for acceptance into ATOM.

IPA Interface

ATOM Debt provides an IPA interface module to automate the delivery of issuance instructions to IPA or Trustee Banks.


ATOM Debt Management supports:

  • Automated cash settlements and accounting for the full trade lifecycle
  • Extensive reporting set for business intelligence, positioning, and real-time Excel integration
  • Rate reset calculation automation

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