ATOM Credit Facility Management


ATOM Credit Facilities tracks and administers credit facility and letters of credit agreements between borrowing and lending entities. ATOM supports corporate credit facility management as well as bank credit facility issuance.

Facility Structures

ATOM supports a broad variety of facility and letters of credit structures including those with:

  • Fixed/floating fees
  • Upfront and periodic fees
  • Commitment and utilization fees
  • Amortizing and/or accreting facility amounts

Issued vs. Purchased Facilities

ATOM supports the issuance as well as purchase of facility agreements.

Automated Availability Calculation

When used in conjunction with ATOM debt or asset modules, ATOM will automatically calculate credit availability balances and associated availability fees.


  • Automatically calculates usage, availability, and associated fees
  • Tracks facilities as well as associated draws for loans and letters of credit
  • Automated cash settlements and accounting for the full facility lifecycle
  • Extensive reporting set for business intelligence, positioning, and real-time Microsoft Excel integration
  • Rate reset calculation automation

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