ATOM Intercompany and Affiliate Loan Management


ATOM Affiliate Loans provides comprehensive functionality to automate the administration and management of portfolios of multinational intercompany, affiliate and third-party loans.

Broad Investment Security Coverage

ATOM Affiliate Loans handles a wide variety of loan types and structures, ranging from revolving loans to more complicated term loans similar to publicly issued capital markets transactions. Loan types include:

  • Revolvers
  • Interest bearing or discount loan types
  • Floating rate term loans
  • Fixed rate term loans
  • Amortizing and/or accreting loans
  • Loans with embedded options

Assets and Liabilities

ATOM tracks affiliate related deposits (liabilities) as well as loans (assets).

Loan Limits

ATOM includes a powerful, multicurrency limit management feature allowing loan administrators to create and manage limits on a wide range of loan, asset class and loan counterparty characteristics.

Market Data & Pricing

Using automated market data feeds, ATOM Affiliate Loans provides mark-to-market and mark-to-model pricing and sensitivities on all loan activity. Pricing information can be viewed by loan program, loan type, loan counterparty position, country or currency.

Counterparty Management

ATOM includes a full-function counterparty management capability allowing the loan portfolio manager to track full background details about loan counterparties, including ratings, permissions, accounts and contacts.

Automated Loan Administration

When used in conjunction with ATOM Cash Management, ATOM Affiliate Loans can automatically post loan balance activity directly from bank reported transactions.


  • Automated cash settlements and accounting for the full trade lifecycle
  • Extensive reporting set for business intelligence, positioning, and real-time Microsoft Excel integration
  • Rate reset calculation automation

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