ATOM Risk Management


ATOM Risk Management is an integrated risk management subsystem that delivers broad functionality to handle the wide range of risks that treasury departments encounter every day, including counterparty, sector, exposure, currency, credit, asset/liability, liquidity, country and operational risks.


  • Single entity design for cross-product risk management covering internal and external entities
  • Real-time position for all asset classes: cash, debt, investments, intercompany, foreign exchange and derivatives
  • Cross-product limits
  • Customizable alerts for limit warnings and limit violations
  • Market data and pricing models for real-time mark-to-market
  • Integrated sensitivities and rate shocks
  • One-click view for instant position – within one product or across all products
  • Interactive dashboard views for executive summary reporting
  • Ability to create custom credit indicators


  • Aggregates exposures regardless of asset class
  • Provides instant visibility into counterparty or counterparty family exposures
  • Facilitates the implementation and enforcement of policies and procedures

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