ATOM Cash Positioning, Forecasting and Liquidity


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ATOM provides comprehensive functionality for treasury cash positioning, cash forecasting and liquidity management.

Treasury Cash Positioning

ATOM TMS automates the end-to-end treasury cash positioning process, enabling treasurers to spend time analyzing data, not gathering it. Real-time cash positions can be viewed by bank, bank account, entity, currency, region, and user defined cash-flow category.

ATOM cash positioning automatically captures all deal flows from foreign exchange and investments to intercompany and borrowing activity.


  • User definable, real-time spreadsheets for cash positions, forecasting and liquidity management
  • Real-time multicurrency positioning
  • Quick view changes to see positions by bank, entity, account, etc.
  • Real-time integration with MS Excel for unrestricted custom reporting options


  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Increases cash visibility and liquidity
  • Reduces interest expense

Treasury Cash Forecasting

The ATOM Treasury Management System contains numerous tools for creating, modeling and monitoring cash forecasts.


  • User defined forecast model generation for creating forecasts from cash history including moving averages, regression and seasonality
  • Automated forecast integration with MS Excel to leverage Excel’s extended analytics and statistical libraries
  • Affiliates can submit forecasts directly or route them through treasury for approval
  • Automated feed support for integration with ERP systems, accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Integration with ATOM Hedging and Risk to support cash flow and commodity hedging


  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Increases visibility for more accurate forecasting
  • Reduces interest expense

Treasury Liquidity Management

In conjunction with actual and forecasted cash positions, deal flows and asset and liability program terms, ATOM shows real-time liquidity positions including unused availability from debt programs, investments and credit facilities.


  • Real-time liquidity management based on deal activity as well as investment and funding availability
  • Current day and future forecasted views
  • Multicurrency views
  • What-if scenarios based on hypothetical rating changes


  • Comprehensive liquidity positions from all sources enhances risk management
  • Provides transparency to liquidity availability and options as well as to liquidity needs
  • Shows under or over borrowing

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