ATOM Payments and Pooling


ATOM TMS includes a fully integrated payments platform for treasury payments, funds transfer, pooling and target balancing. Whether mirroring an existing bank process or creating all cash movements, ATOM provides automated management of cash pools and target balances. Additionally, the system supports all global payment types and provides seamless integration with banks and SWIFT.



  • Generate, approve and send wire, ACH, SWIFT and other payments types
  • Create automatic payments from other treasury activity such as debt, investments and hedging
  • Electronically deliver payments directly to your banks or via the SWIFT network
  • Create and manage tiered cash pools and target balances for automated funds concentration
  • IBAN validation
  • Support for multicurrency payments
  • Mirror your bank’s structure or have ATOM create all movements


  • Improves use of cash
  • Increases liquidity
  • Decreases risk
  • Minimizes interest expense
  • Reduces the number of systems and applications

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