ATOM In-house Banking


ATOM’s in-house banking functionality enables treasuries to offer their affiliates and subsidiaries a full range of banking services. For example, affiliates and subsidiaries can make payments, create cash positions, request accounts to be opened, submit cash forecasts, request foreign exchange, manage cash pools, perform multilateral netting, and record loans and deposits. Affiliates can create, edit and run reports and operate as autonomously or as cohesively as desired.



  • Create and approve payments
  • Create cash positions
  • Submit cash forecasts
  • Request bank accounts to be opened
  • Request foreign currency
  • Manage cash pools
  • Participate in multi-lateral netting
  • Record investments, loans and other bank transactions


  • Reduces bank fees
  • Provides functionality to local Finance Managers
  • Leverages home office technology
  • Ensures compliance with policies and procedures
  • Eliminates double keying of payments, forecasts and other information

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