ATOM Bank Reporting and Reconciliation


ATOM automates the bank reporting process by integrating with SWIFT or directly with an organization’s banks. In ATOM, bank statements are downloaded automatically for prior day and throughout the day, providing real-time cash positioning and enabling cash forecasting. This ensures that bank accounts and cash positions are always reconciled and reflect the most up-to-date information available.



  • Automate the bank statement communications polling and parsing routines for prior day and intraday reporting
  • Support for multiple formats including BAI, SWIFT, CSV and XML
  • Configurable alert system to receive emails or texts for completions, exceptions, statistics or volumes
  • Automated rule-based reconciliation of cash activity and bank accounts
  • Integrated, automated support for accounting, billing and positioning


  • Reduces the time and effort to create a cash position and forecast
  • Eliminates the manual entry of transactions
  • Automates accounting and fee analysis

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