ATOM Treasury & Risk Management

ATOM Treasury and Risk

An integrated enterprise treasury management system (TMS) for corporations and financial institutions that automates core treasury processes including cash management, banking, forecasting, liquidity management, investments, funding, hedging, risk management, and financial reporting.

Cockpits for Visual Workflow

ATOM takes a uniquely visual workflow approach to treasury management. ATOM now includes “ATOM Cockpits” which combine navigation, functionality, drill-downs, workflow, reporting and business intelligence in one cleanly organized home screen. Cockpits are available for every logical business area within ATOM including cash management, banking, capital markets, risk and financial reporting. ATOM Cockpits are personalized so each user can have their own custom screen organizing the functionality and metrics important to them.


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ATOM Treasury and Risk provides corporate treasury organizations with the benefits of an integrated treasury management system:




Integrated Processing

Instant Visibility

Proactive Risk Management

Automated Analyses


Promotion of best practices and regulatory compliance throughout the enterprise

ATOM Treasury and Risk Modules

ATOM provides automated treasury and risk software solutions for:


Cash and Banking

Investment and Debt

Hedging and Risk

Financial Reporting


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Flexible Deployment

ATOM can be deployed according to client needs:

      Organizations have the flexibility to license only needed functionality

      ATOM may be deployed as a service or as an installed software solution

      ATOM’s scalable architecture is effective for a single department as well as for a global enterprise

      ATOM Technology

      ATOM utilizes advanced web-based technologies to provide a powerful platform for
      mission-critical operations:

      A secure, thin client web front end for performance, rich functionality, high security and fast deployment

      Mission-critical, redundant server-side architecture for performance and built-in business continuity

      A unified data model that integrates cash, positioning, banking, capital markets, hedging and risk in one database

      Web services and XML architecture for flexible, powerful and secure data integration with other system

      Integrated Business Intelligence

      ATOM provides powerful and flexible reporting capabilities including:

          Built-in business intelligence for user-created dashboards, graphics and charts

          User-definable, ad-hoc reporting for instant business-user reporting

          iPad and Android support for reporting, graphics and business intelligence

            Integrated OLAP data cube for end-user analytics and data mining

            Real-time integration with Excel for all ATOM data

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