ATOM China Treasury Management


ATOM’s In-house Bank system is the most powerful, robust and comprehensive corporate treasury system currently available in China.


ATOM provides functionality in Chinese for all corporate treasury activities in China, including cash management, debt management, investments, intercompany loans, foreign exchange and accounting.

Electronic Banking

ATOM provides a core platform allowing Treasury to serve as the primary conduit between an enterprise and external financial institutions. Utilizing advanced webservices techniques, ATOM manages the real-time interchange of banking data between subsidiary internal applications and external banks.

Real-time Data Exchange

Real-time data exchange includes support for Electronic Funds Transfers (“EFT”), EFT confirms, bank balance and details, and electronic statements.

Business Intelligence

ATOM provides robust functional support for business intelligence including customizable management dashboards, graphical views, data grid views, and user defined search parameters.

Electronic Trading

Design and implementation of a same-day settlement book-entry JPY commercial paper trading, clearing and settlement system in Japan.

Risk Management

Design of a global exposure management service for Asian multinational companies.

Credit Enhancement

Introduction of private credit enhancement service for large-scale public infrastructure financings in China.

Chinese Instruments

ATOM provides support for the following Chinese instrument types:

  • Entrusted Loans and Deposits
  • Collateralized Borrowing & Lending
  • Internal and External Guarantees
  • Daylight Overdraft Loans
  • “Look-back” Call Deposits
  • Internal FX
  • Chinese Promissory Notes
    • Physical/Electronic
    • Issuance
    • Discounting
    • Rediscounting

Best Practices

Best practices and international standards for cash and treasury management operations in corporations head-quartered in China and Japan.