We develop and distribute ATOMTM—a suite of comprehensive software solutions for treasury management, debt issuance and trading, loan asset syndication and securitization, bank trust, and Chinese treasury management.

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How ATOM is different

How are ATOM solutions different?


Uniquely Visual

  • Visual user interface – from beginning to end
  • For workflow, transactions, maps, interfaces, and reporting

Best in Class Service

  • Personalized and responsive
  • Proven and relied on by some of the largest companies

Solution Platform

  • Complete functionality – choose what you want
  • Self service reporting, dashboards, worksheets
  • Integrated cash, risk, and financials
  • Easy data in, data out
  • Fast, automated, and reliable
Companies Using ATOM Treasury Management

ATOM Cockpits

ATOM solutions are comprised of “ATOM Cockpits” which combine navigation, functionality, drill-downs, workflow, reporting and business intelligence in one cleanly organized home screen. Cockpits are available for every logical business area within each ATOM product.


  • Uniquely visual approach to manage treasury activities, reporting, & workflow


  • Each cockpit combines workflow, functionality, business analytics, dashboards, and reporting in one integrated screen


  • Customizable to fit your individual workflow

ATOM Reporting

ATOM reporting provides built-in data analytics, dash boarding, and data integration for powerful, self-service reporting.

Powerful Reporting

  • Powerful self service reporting
  • Built-in data analytics, business intelligence & dash-boarding
  • Real-time streaming to Excel
  • See your data in Google Maps
  • Auto scheduling and email distribution
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Create your own and use ATOM’s extensive report library

ATOM Workflow

Do you want to visualize and dynamically monitor your company specific workflows? ATOM Workflow provides a dynamic, configurable workflow management solution that models any customer specific workflows.


  • Flexible and configurable -models company specific workflows
  • Dynamic updating for real-time pipeline management
  • Drill-down to quickly review or act on underlying detail
  • Integrated, customizable alerts for notification or escalation of specific events

Workflow Examples

ATOM Workflow is built with flexibility in mind and can be used to manage any treasury activity. Workflow examples include tracking:

Deal life-cycles

  • From deal capture, approvals, settlement, and confirmation


  • Payment requests, multiple levels of approvals, limits, transmission, acceptance, and confirmation
  • Show different workflows according to payment type, currency
  • Show different workflows for operations or managers

Bank Account Approvals

  • New account requests, new accounts setup and approvals
  • Closed or frozen accounts

Signatory Reviews

  • New signatories and approvals
  • Signatories requiring review

Bank Statements

  • New signatories and approvals
  • Signatories requiring review

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