ATOM Hedge Accounting

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ATOM Hedge Accounting enables organizations to manage institutional hedges in compliance with regulatory standards, including ASC 815, IAS 39 and IFRS 9.


  • Cash flow, fair value and net investment hedge types
  • Hedge documentation reporting
  • Asset/Liability, forecasted transaction and firm dommitment exposure types
  • FX, interest rate, fair value and compound risk designations
  • Full hedge policy and hedge documentation storage and reporting
  • Built-in business intelligence for hedge reporting
  • Integration with all ATOM modules for automated linking to underlying hedged and hedge items
  • Prospective and retrospective effectiveness testing with built-in audit logging
  • User-defined model parameters for better testing control
  • Flexible accounting configuration for account reclass and scheduled balance release


  • Ensures domestic and international regulatory standards compliance
  • Automates a mandatory but challenging accounting process
  • Supports external audit reviews